Kristen Stewart’s Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Bella Swan Braided Hairstyle
Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Hairstyle

Let visit Kristen Stewart's Style Evolution from 2005 to 2011 about her growth in Fashion. Now On-screen and real life sweethearts Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ready for wedding in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ is one of the most anticipated movie weddings of all time.

Bella's hair is done by Rosalie who makes two braids at the side of her head and then gathers them into a bun with long whispy strands left out to frame her face.
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Hair StyleKristen Stewarts Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Hairstyle Tip:

Step 1: Make sure that hair is dry and preferably washed one or two nights before styling. Recently washed hair is too slippery to work with for an up do and shows more flyaways, Bork says. Comb through hair fully.

Step 2: Apply a moose or volumizing spray to the hair. If you have thinner hair, apply product all over. If you have thicker hair, stick to the roots.

Step 3: Using a round brush, begin blow drying the hair. This will smooth out the hair cuticles to lend a more luminous look. Fun fact: By nature, a round brush creates more shine.

Step 4: Prepare a thick curling iron and separate the hair into 1-inch sections. Before curling, apply hairspray to the root of each section. Begin to curl, starting at the top of the roots. "The goal of curling is to make your hair fuller and more luscious," Bork continues.

Step 5: Start your French braiding. Separate hair for a regular braid while leaving two extra sections around it. Begin with your regular braid, staying very close the scalp. After your first knot, feed in a piece from one of the extra sections. Braid again. Then feed a piece from the other extra section. Braid again. Continue until done.

Step 6: Secure the braid with bobby pins.

Step 7: Tease the roots of the hair to create an illusion of volume. Brush very gently to smoothen out, leaving a little height.

Step 8: Create your bun. Continue to leave the French braids in front of the hair. Take the back section of your hair and start a loose, regular half-braid. Twist the bottom of the braid into a low, loose bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 9: Fold in braids.

Step 10: Finish off with hairspray.

Bella Swan Braided Hairstyle