Alfred Angelo Recreates Bella's Bridal Gown

Alfred Angelo Bella's Bridal GownAlfred Angelo released a lookalike Wedding Dress today that will retail for just $799. The long solid sleeves, the cut-out back and the diagonal seaming on the front of the dress all seem to be the hallmarks of Bella's stellar gown.

Alfred Angelo Bella's Bridal Gown Front
Also reported earlier that Bella has "dream" wedding gown, but there's no word yet on whether that one will also be available.

So fashion aside, how much would Bella and Edward's pretty in-the-woods nuptials cost? Around $38,000 -- which puts them just about the national average of around $26,000. While the wedding was at home, the three miles of Christmas lights leading up to the venue were estimated at over $8,000 by Home Depot.

Alfred Angelo Bella's Bridal Gown Back
From the look of the wedding, it seems like they spent most of their budget on flowers probably around $20,000. Add in $1,500 for a live band, $800 for a cake that huge, satin drapes for the chairs ($110), a tent for the reception (around $250) and you're getting pretty close to that $38,000 estimate. Compared to other recent celebrity weddings (Kim K's estimated $10 million bash or the royal wedding, which reportedly cost around $60 million) and suddenly, this doesn't seem that bad at all.

Stats via Centives, images via Alfred Angelo.