The Best Long Hair in Hollywood

Who's got the best long hair in Hollywood? Ask any group of people that question and you'll probably get a plethora of different answers, so narrowing the list down to just five actresses is no easy task. But I'm never afraid of a good challenge, especially when it comes to hair. So here's my list of notable actresses who I think currently have the best long hair in the business:

#5 Lily Collins
Actress Lily Collins got her big break playing Sandra Bullock's daughter in the Oscar nominated film The Blind Side. And it was in that very movie that I noticed this girl has some awesome long hair (not to mention fabulous brows)! The young actress, who will next appear in the highly anticipated Snow White adaptation, has said in interviews that she often does her own hair for red carpet events. If that's true, then I'm impressed, because her hair almost always looks perfect!

#4 Nina Dobrev
Actress Nina Dobrev was a relative unknown until she got cast as the lead in the now hit CW show The Vampire Diaries, where besides getting to make out with hot vampires, she also rocks some seriously kick-ass long hair. After two seasons on the show, her hair still looks as good as ever. Her co-stars may have fangs, but if beautiful long hair could kill, Nina would be far more dangerous than any bloodsucker in fictional Mystic Falls.

#3 Blake Lively
Blake Lively first appeared on most of our radars when she was cast as the star of the CW drama Gossip Girl back in 2007. She's been filling our TV screens with her beautiful long blond hair ever since. The actress, who is set to appear in this summer's superhero flick Green Lantern, is the definition of a blond beauty. She recently went through a short stint as a redhead, but has since returned to her signature blond locks. Either way, she's got some gorgeous long hair.

#2 Amy Adams
I don't remember when it was that I first laid eyes on actress Amy Adams, but I do remember that I was immediately captivated by her fiery auburn mane. Long, shiny and a beautiful shade of red, Amy's undoubtedly got some of the best long hair in Hollywood. She was recently cast as Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman reboot. I'm not sure whether she'll be donning her signature red locks in the film, but I'd have no problem with Lois Lane being a redhead if it's Amy's beautiful hair.

#1 Amanda Seyfried
When I first started thinking about who was going to populate this list, I had to think long and hard about who would fill spots 2-5, but there was never a doubt in my mind who would be #1. In my opinion, actress Amanda Seyfried undoubtedly has the best long hair in Hollywood. Even in paparazzi photos where it's obvious she hasn't styled her hair, it still looks great! She has mentioned in interviews that she would only cut her hair if it was for a really good role. It had better be an Oscar-worthy role if she ever does cut that amazing long hair!

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts on who you think has the best long hair in Hollywood.