Champagne for Valentines Day?

When your at the store picking up some bubbly for Valentines, grab an extra bottle for your locks to consume the night before.This is an old French secret for making hair shiny, silky, and healthy. If you have light-colored hair, it brings out the golden lights. It will not dry or damage the tresses from the amount of alcohol after you dilute it with hot water. It will defiantly clarify your hair from leftover product residue.
Pop open the bottle of champagne and pour yourself a glass :) Use the leftover champagne and mix it with half a cup of hot mineral water. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then pour the champagne mixture all over your hair and scalp. The bubbly sensation will be interesting:). Comb your hair and wrap it in a a towel. The next morning rinse it out. You hair will be soft and silky.

For those of you with dark hair. beer is another option. Slightly less glamorous mix the beer with the water as a substitute to the champagne. Even if the beer is flat it will still add tonnes of shine. Make sure to rinse it well the next day! We don't want your work colleagues to think your an alcoholic :))