How To French Braid Hair

There are two ways to French braid hair: ordinary and backward braiding.

Let’s see how to get an ordinary French braid. Thoroughly brush dry or slightly wet hair and comb it back. To begin the braid, start by dividing it into 3 equal pieces.
How To French Braid HairHow To French Braid Hair

Hold the right most piece in the right hand. The other two pieces will be in your left hand. Begin with rolling your left hand crossing the left piece over the central piece and passing them both into your right hand.

How To French Braid Hair
Take the lower piece in your left hand and put the right strand over the top. Starting with this left strand, we’ll add more hair into the braid. This will be French braiding. Take the hair into your left hand and cross it over on the top of the other two. Take with your left hand a new portion of hair and bring it over the top of the last braided piece. This will make one bigger strand. Go on braiding in a usual way. Grab a small amount of hair from the right side and act in the same way as you did with the left strand. Don’t forget to keep the braid tight not to lose it. (source
How To French Braid Hair

How To French Braid Hair (Video)

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