Romantic hairstyles for Valentine's Day 2012

1. Adorable headband like Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron's Golden Globes look was amazing! Featuring combination of side bun and headband, her hairstyle is just so romantic and trendy, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

2. Sexy fishtail plait like Diana Agron

haircuts for 2012

Braids were very popular at the 2012 SAG awards and Glee star Dianna Agron’s sexy fishtail plait was a standout.headband braid in a messy, romantic style, showing how a few simple plaits can create such a stunning look.A bit messy and a lot sexy, this Greek goddess style is ideal for a romantic night out on Valentine's Day.

3. Sweet side braid ponytail like Shailene Woodley

Young actress Shailene Woodley surely knows how to get instant attention with her gorgeous hairstyles, and her sweet side braid ponytail stole my heart! Sweet and sexy, this messy side braid hairstyle will make you look extra pretty this V-Day!

4. Cute messy bump hairstyle like Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland hits the 2012 SAG Awards red carpet rocking a stunning bumped-up ponytail. A hint of bump at the top and a few face framing tendrils made her look super cute and posh, I love.Simple, sexy and stunning, a bumped up pony like Sarah’s is an easy way to add a little bombshell to your V-Day look