New from L'Oreal Professional

L'Oreal Professional is constantly developing new coloring  products that help keep the clients hair healthy and shiny. At the beginning of February L'Oreal Israel is launching a new semi-permanent color range that will improve the appearance of chemically treated hair better then any other brand on the market.

 DIALIGHT ( on the left)

Dialight is L'Oreals first acid tone-on-tone color with ultimate shine and conditioning. Its ideal for colored or sensitized hair from straighteners or other chemical treatments.

 DIARICHESSE ( on the right )

Diarechesse is  Ammonia-free color with white hair coverage of up to 70% on base shades. It leaves the hair looking rich, with deep shine and exceptional softness. It has  improved alkaline Tone on Tone technology which also manages to lighten one and a half tones. Its ideal for natural hair and covering the first white hair.