L.U.V Madonna!

Madonna is back! Bigger and better then ever. The Icon was listed by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female recording artist of all time. Madonna is often referred to, by the media, as the 'Queen of pop', not surprising as she has sold over 232 million albums and 180 million singles worldwide.

She has been a fashion pioneer since the 80's and hasn't aged a day since the 90's. Her Latest single ' Give me all your lovin' was released 2 days before her live show at the Superbowl last night, where she wowed the crowd with a 13 minute star studded performance that only The ' Queen ' could have pulled off. Her hair, even though hard to see in the clip was absolutely flawless. To achieve this look you need a large curling iron and tonnes of hairspray.   

Madonna will push Lady Gaga to the back burner this year, with a new album called M.D.N.A., a Golden Globe Award  and her World tour which is rumored to kick off this summer in Israel!