Post Holiday Hair Remedies

Its been a hardcore party season, with Chanukah, Christmas, and new years in a row. Its the time of year when you let fried foods, and sugary cocktails pass your lips without thinking twice! Why not! You deserve it after the year you've had with travel, work, family and stress. On top of all of that :- the cold winter weather. All of these little elements might have left your hair looking worse for wear. The key to solving this problem?  Buy a bottle of Rosemary Oil and apply it onto dry hair. Dry hair will allow it to absorbs moisture more efficiently to the areas that need it most. The oils will loosen dead skin on your scalp and dissolve product residue on your hair so that when you wash (with a moisturizing shampoo, please!) all the unwanted buildup will rinse away easily. Follow up with a deep conditioning healing mask such as L'Oreal Professionals Absolute Repair Masque. Smooth  flyaway hairs with a silicone-free hair serum such as L'Oreal Professionals Mythic Oil by working a bit through damp hair before blow drying.