Mens Trends 2012

To keep your partner well groomed, and fashion forward its important his hairstyle evolves with the times. Most men get into the short back and sides routine their barbers execute with their eyes closed. If hes into it, book him an appointment at your salon and turn it into a joint outing. 

I am a huge fan of this haircut for the trendy metro-sexual men of today. What makes this style so fantastic is that can be worn in a variety of ways and gives the client more freedom with altering the style to suit his mood or occasion

For those of you with a super-stylish streak, jump on the band wagon with the pastel colored tips trend to match your girlfriend.

stages of my hairstyle

The final trend that I am currently sporting is the disconnected faux hawk. It is also a versatile look and depending on how ballsy he want to be he can wear it in varying lengths. Below is a pic of the current length of my hair.