Katy Perry's rocking red hair!

Katy's GHD ad campaign spring/summer 2011

Katy is well known for her crazy candy bra's, vibrant wigs, rocking songs and her signature raven black hair. She was recently spotted in Miami relaxing by the pool with red hair. Apparently this is just an in-between look for Katy so don't get used to it. The singer is trying to go back to her roots....which funny enough are blond!
From years of dyeing her hair dark, she has to go through a slow lightening process not to damage her hair.

Mizz Perry tweeted that in another 6-8 weeks she will undergo a further lightening process. What do you think of her transformation??

Summer is the best time to try and lighten your hair, but if your hair is black or dark brown it will take a couple of months to get to your desired color without damaging your hair. Discuss with your stylist whether the color you have in mind will suit you before doing anything drastic.