Hair Extensions

2011 sees the return of long, full gorgeous hair amongst celebrities.The key to their fabulous hair is the clever use of hair extensions, carefully blended to match exactly with their own hair. At Highlights we use Great Lengths Hair Extensions. They are the best quality money can buy and are made from 100% natural Indian Temple Hair. The Great Lengths method involves taking small amounts (maybe 50-100 strands) of natural extension hair and applying to small sections of your own hair by  heat fusing the connections. The extensions last roughly 3 months before they are grown out from the root. Usually with hair extensions you have to replace them ever three months, but with Great Lengths the hair is of such high quality, you can use them for 2 applications.

Caring for hair extensions is a bit different from caring for natural hair. Some things that you should know.
  • Use a soft bristle brush and brush your hair from the bottom and gently work your way up.
  • Gently tie your hair up while sleeping.
  • Do not color your own hair extensions at home.
  • To prevent tangling, run your fingers through the root area and gently untangle knots. 
  • Visit the salon once a week to make sure there are no knots that you were unable to De-tangle.