Fabulous Hair on April 2011 Covers

Kate Winslet Reveals her new hair do in the April issue of American Vogue. Shes sporting  a short ultra blond style which has transformed her look in to a sexy sophisticated one. The color is amazing and complements her skin tone, and her cut is sharp and precise.  Thumbs up Kate! ( loving her new body to!)

English Elle has a seductive spread with Gwen Stefani. While she is less prone to change, we still love her 50's pin up girl look.

Rihanna was photographed for vogue by the always amazing Annie Leibovitz. Even though her pose looks a little awkward her hair looks flawless and somewhat inspired by Botticelli. While this color does not seem to be taking off in the salon I feel its perfect for Rihanna, and its always fun to have your hair in the same tone as your lipstick:)

Giselle welcomes in spring on the Bible of all fashion mags.....French Vogue.Giselle hair is always flawless with its natural looking caramel and wheat color highlights. These natural tones blend well into most shades of natural brown colors.