Hair secrets from around the World 3

Indian women are renowned for their gorgeous lock. The most expensive hair extensions in the world come from Indian women. Coconut oil is the main ingredient that makes the hair shine like a Bollywood star. It’s also the trick to getting full and thick hair, and great for strengthening thinning hair. For to-die-for shiny hair, Indian women give themselves a hot coconut oil scalp massage once a week to promote growth and wash away tress stress. Coconut oil is one of the richest oils in the world, and it’s great for making hair shiny, strengthening follicles, sealing the cuticles, helping with split ends, and stimulating hair growth.
The second most popular ingredient in an Indian household. Methia, a spinach-like vegetable also known as fenugreek, is one of the healthiest staples of the Indian diet, known to aid digestion and help with allergies. Within its dark green leaves also lies southern India’s secret to keeping dandruff at bay. Here are two great tips from my Indian friend Bansri using the plant’s seeds, which are available at Levinski st in South Tel Aviv

1. Boil fenugreek seeds with coconut oil. Apply and massage mixture onto the scalp. Wrap your head in a shower cap, and leave on overnight. Wash your hair in the morning.