Hair secrets from around the World 1

 I decide to research into the hair secrets swapped amongst  women from all over our amazing planet. Keep an eye out for the fun tips over the next few days.

 Many of our clients that traveled to China on a months trek around the Far East commented on the amazing experience of going to an authentic street side barber shops in the rural areas. Apparently the wash is the best part of the experience, seated on a street corner having the most relaxing 30 minute head and neck massage. The shampoos were rinsed from bowls and not your conventional western back basin.One client in particular was given the recipe to a special treatment they create ( Lets remember there are no Kerestase or Aveda Salons around these areas) Its a simple combination of one teaspoon of rosemary oil mixed into a cup of green tea. They then pour that over their heads as a final rinse. The green tea clarifies the hair and the rosemary oil flattens the cuticles leaving it looking really shiny.