Handy Tips

 TDuring the winter months we experience an increase in clientele with dry scalp, so we decided to share a home remedy with you which is more effective then the shampoos and treatment from the chemist that cost 3 times the price. 

1/2 cup regular 5% vinegar
1/2 cup  warm water

  1. Apply the vinegar and water mixture to dry hair, make sure the scalp is thoroughly covered, Massage for 3 minutes and rinse.
  2. Wash and condition hair as normal.
  3. Finish with vinegar and water mixture, and do a final rinse with desired water temperature.

Repeat this routine until dry scalp disappears. The vinegar mixture adds shine and removes product build up from the hair shaft.

Diet is also important way to avoid dry scalp and dandruff. Avoid- candy, soft drinks, pickles and processed food. Replace with a lot of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, raw nuts and  wholegrain cereals. With in a few weeks, not only will you notice how luscious your locks are looking, your scalp and complexion will also be glowing!