Ballerina Buns

 If you haven't seen Black Swan I suggest you get off your ass and haul yourself to the movies:) The Oscar nominated thriller is based in New York Ballet Company, and focuses on Nina( Natalie Portman) and the emotional instability and turmoil she goes through during her transformation as  prima ballerina at the opening of the new season of Swan Lake. Not only is the cast outstanding,  but the cinematography is exquisite ad best described as "horror and high art".

As well as being on of the most spoken about movies of the moment, it also has on of the hottest trends in hair, the messy ballerina bun. I have noticed them around for the last months, but since the release of the movie i definitely have a higher appreciation for them:) The key to make it look perfect is not to over think it! Literally throw it up and twist it round and when it feels secured with bobby pins leave it. The instant that you try to make the bun 'perfect' it never seems to look as good.