Hollywood Celebrities New Moms Best Shortcut Hairstyle's Pictures

Taraji P Henson Hairstyle PhotoImage: Taraji P Henson (June 28 2009)
Style Description: Taraji P. Henson's short, shaggy hairstyle shows off mega-volume on top and flicky bits all over.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Apply a dollop of mousse onto towel-dried hair. Blow dry two-inch sections at a time using a large round brush to lift at the root for major volume.
Step 2: Mix a dime-size amount of styling paste with a few drops of shine serum, apply to your fingers and then run your hands through your hair while directing the front forward.
Step 3: Use a flat iron to bend the ends in back outward and then pinch the ends using a dab of styling paste on your fingertips. Finish with a mist of hairspray for hold.

Rachael Harris Hairstyle PicImage: Rachael Harris (June 02 2009)
Style Description: Rachael Harris' bouncy curls make her chin-length bob look super fun and flirty.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Start with dry hair and mist a two-inch piece with styling spray from roots to ends. Place a hot roller at the bottom, roll it up to the roots and clip in place. Repeat all over alternating roller sizes and then let the rollers cool for about 20 minutes.
Step 2: Remove clips and run your fingers through the curls to create soft body.
Step 3: Create a side-part, push your bangs to the side and then tuck both sides behind your ears. Mist with hairspray to lock in your style.

Jaime Pressly Haircut PictureImage: Jaime Pressly (June 07 2009)
Style Description: Jaime Pressly's chin-length bob looks sweet with a side-part and wispy, pushed-over bangs.
Key Styling Tip: Apply a pea-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections in varied directions with a paddle brush, smoothing your hair flat against the shape of your head. Create an off-center part and move your bangs to the side. Use a dab of pomade on your fingers to pinch the ends and create a piece-y texture. Spritz with hairspray to hold your style.