Maria Sharapova Female Tennis Star Sexy Hairstyle's Pictures

Maria Sharapova Hairstyle PhotoImage: Maria Sharapova (July 11 2008)
Style Description: Long, wispy bangs are twisted and pinned back to reveal Maria Sharapova's stunning features.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Apply a pea-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair. Next, apply a dollop of mousse onto just the roots.
Step 2: Blow-dry one-inch sections with a vent brush. Lift sections slightly at the root and then smooth the length straight.
Step 3: Once dry, create a side part. Move your bangs to the other side and pin into place with a decorative hair clip.

Maria Sharapova Hairstyle ImageImage: Maria Sharapova (Aug 22 2008)
Style Description: Maria Sharapova's long, smooth hairstyle has a sexy bend at the ends.
Key Styling Tip: Apply a pea-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair and blow-dry two-inch sections with a paddle brush. Using a large curling iron, lightly bend the ends under. Create a diagonal part and push your bangs to the side then tuck the sides behind your ears.

Maria Sharapova Hairstyle GalleryImage: Maria Sharapova (Aug 23 2007)
Style Description: Bluntly Beautiful
Key Styling Tip: To create a straight look, work in styling lotion and blow-dry your strands using a paddle brush. Take small sections of dry hair and flat iron from the root to the ends.