Hollywood Celebrities Sexy Models Fashion Week Hairstyle's Pics

Karen Walker Hairstyle PicImage: Fashion Week Fall '09 (Karen Walker)
Style Description: A sleek ponytail comes slightly undone with loose, delicate wisps at the Karen Walker Fall 2009 fashion show.
Key Styling Tip: Apply styling cream to clean, dry hair and blow-dry smooth. Gather hair at the nape of the neck and pull into a low ponytail, making sure to loosen the sides so they gently fall over your ears. Separate a one-inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Secure in place with a bobby pin. Finish off by gently pulling out a few front pieces to create delicate wisps.

Nicole Miller HaircutImage: Fashion Week Fall '09 (Nicole Miller)
Style Description: This airy, straight and center-parted hairstyle was created by Bumble and bumble editorial stylist Rolando Beauchamp for the Nicole Miller Fall 2009 fashion show.
Key Styling Tip: To achieve a very defined center part, do it when your hair is wet. Next, spritz hair with a light styling spray, then use a round or paddle brush to blow-dry hair smooth. "Point the nozzle of the hairdryer downward so you get a very sleek finish and no frizz," explains Beauchamp. Once dry, shake out hair to loosen it up and spritz with shine spray. "Don't use a flat iron because it will make the hairstyle look too severe," warns Beauchamp.

Lacoste HairstyleImage: Fashion Week Fall '09 (Lacoste)
Style Description: These glossy rippling waves were created by Bumble and bumble editorial hairstylist Dennis Lanni for the Lacoste Fall 2009 fashion show.
Key Styling Tip: "My sister used to sleep with braids and she'd wake up with these beautiful waves that were glossy and bent, but not sloppy looking. This hairstyle is a modern version of that look," explains Lanni. To do, first flatiron a one-inch section of hair, then coat lightly with holding spray, wrap the section up to roots in a figure 8 shape, and secure in the center with a small elastic. Repeat all over, then let hair set for 10 minutes. Undo the twists and shake hair out. The result: Glossy, bent waves, just like his sister's.