Hollywood Actress Jessica Alba's Hairstyle Pics

Jessica Alba's Hairstyle WallpaperImage: Jessica Alba (Mar 18 2009)
Style Description: A center part adds sophistication to Jessica Alba's sweetly swept-over bangs.
Key Styling Tip: Work a dime-size amount of lightweight styling lotion onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections with a round brush while turning the brush several times to add subtle roundness to the length. Create a center part and push your bangs to each side. Mist with shine spray for added luster and hairspray for hold.

Jessica Alba Hairstyle PhotoImage: Jessica Alba (Sept 09 2008)
Style Description: A heavy, side bang and deeply swept-over part add a sultry edge to Jessica Alba's lengthy hairstyle.
Key Styling Tip: Apply a nickel-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair. Next, apply a dollop of mousse onto just the roots. Blow-dry two-inch sections with a large round brush, while lifting slightly at the root slightly to enhance volume. Once dry, quickly roll two-inch sections of hair onto large Velcro rollers before hair cools from the blow dryer. Allow to set for 10 minutes and then unwind the rollers and finger-style hair into shape.

Jessica Alba PictureImage: Jessica Alba (Feb 24 2008)
Event: Jessica Alba pictured at the 80th Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet
Style Description: Accessory Braids
Key Styling Tip: Add a unique finish to your style with a few strategically placed braids.