Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle's Posters

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle PictureImage: Jennifer Lopez (Sept 10 2008)
Style Description: Jennifer Lopez's tousled texture is neatly swept back into an elegant upstyle.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Mist damp hair with texturizing spray and then blow-dry haphazardly while shaking out your hair with your fingers.
Step 2: Leave a few pieces out in front and then use your fingers to sweep your hair back. Twist length several times until it buckles upon itself and starts to form a bun. Continue until all hair is wrapped around the base of the bun then pin bun into place.
Step 3: Run a flat iron over the pieces in front to leave a smooth finish. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for all day hold.

Jennifer Lopez Haircut PhotoImage: Jennifer Lopez (Mar 29 2009)
Style Description: Smooth roots and long, shaggy bangs flow into soft volume for Jennifer Lopez's long, hip hairstyle.
Key Styling Tip: Apply a handful of volumizing mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections of hair with a round brush while turning the brush several times to add subtle roundness to the length. Dry your bangs straight down using a vent brush. Rub styling cream on your fingers and run them through your hair to create soft definition.

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle's PicImage: Jennifer Lopez (Sept 29 2005)
Style Description: Jennifer Lopez rocks some serious height on top of her smooth French Twist.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Start with smooth, dry hair.
Step 2: Take a two-inch section on top and hold it straight up. Use a tight-toothed comb and backcomb in short strokes along the back of the section toward your scalp. Leaving your bangs out, repeat with all sections on top of your head.
Step 3: Pin a mesh hairstyling form onto the top of your head and smooth the hair on top of your head over the form. Gather all hair in back and roll it vertically until it snugs up against the back of your head. Pin securely into place.