Hollywood Actress Haute Headbands Hairstyle's Pictures

Eva Longoria , Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Peet Haute Headbands Hairstyle's
Eva Longoria Hairstyle PictureImage1: Eva Longoria (July 27 2005)
Style Description: Flippy ends and a textured headband give Eva Longoria's long style lots of volume.

Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Apply a handful of volumizing mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections while using a large round brush to apply upward tension at the roots and then flip the ends up.
Step 2: Take a two-inch section on top and hold it straight up. Use a tight-toothed comb and backcomb in short strokes along the back of the section toward your scalp. Repeat with all sections on top of head.
Step 3: Use a natural bristle brush and smooth the hair on top back. Add a headband and mist with hairspray to lock in your look.

Scarlett Johansson Hairstyle's PhotoImage2: Scarlett Johansson (March 01 2009)
Style Description: Scarlett Johansson looks very sophisticated with her smooth, rolled-up style and fashion-forward headband.
Key Styling Tip: Step 1: Mix a quarter-size amount of straightening cream along with a few drops of shine serum and apply onto damp hair. Using a paddle brush, blow dry two-inch sections straight.
Step 2: Smooth a flat iron over half-inch sections to set a sleek finish.
Step 3: Use a natural bristle brush to smooth all of your hair back into a neat ponytail. Secure with a coated elastic band. Starting at the ends, roll your hair up creating a large loop. Pin into place on top of your head. Add a decorative headband to complete your look.

Amanda Peet Hairstyle PicImage3: Amanda Peet (Oct 14 2006)
Style Description: Amanda Peet adds a headband to complete her softly texturized updo.
Key Styling Tip: Apply a quarter-size amount of curl-enhancing balm onto damp hair. Attach a diffuser onto your blow dryer and scrunch your hair with your fingers while drying with low heat. Once completely dry, sweep your length back and twist into a messy bun. Pin securely into place, add a decorative headband and mist with hairspray to secure your style.