Hollywood Super Models 2009 Latest Hairstyles Pics

Diane Von Furstenberg , Tuleh ,Luca Luca Super Models 2009 Latest Hairstyles
Diane Von Furstenberg Nice PictureImage1: Fashion Week Fall '09 (Diane Von Furstenberg )
Style Description: This causally tousled hairstyle was created for the Diane Von Furstenberg Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show.

Key Styling Tip: If you have naturally wavy hair, run a bit of styling cream through damp hair and let air dry, but us a blow dryer to smooth out bangs. If you have straight hair, spritz texturizing spray on damp hair, then blow-dry while scrunching ends with hands, but keep bangs straight.

Tuleh Hair CutImage2: Tuleh
Style Description: Barex hairstylist Yannick D'Is created a curly, Thirties faux-bob at the Fall 2009 Tuleh fashion show.
Key Styling Tip: To recreate this retro-glam style, wrap a one-inch section of hair tightly around your finger. Gently slide curled hair off your finger and bobby pin it close to the scalp, then spritz with volumizer. Continue until all of your hair is curled and pinned. Let hair dry, then unpin. Pull hair into a loose, low ponytail, then roll under and bobby pin underneath to create a faux-bob.

Luca Luca Hair StyleImage3: Fashion Week Fall '09 (Luca Luca 1)
Style Description: "There's definitely a Lauren Bacall flavor to this polished glamorous style," says hairstylist Edward Tricomi who created this look for the Luca Luca Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show.
Key Styling Tip: "To get the look this polished looking, you first have to blow dry hair straight and smooth," says Tricomi. Once dry, use a medium barrel curling iron and flexible hold hairspray to curl one-inch wide sections of hair. Clip the curl at the roots, then repeat all over. Let hair set for several minutes. Remove clips, create a deep side part and brush out curls. Use styling cream and finger-shape into place.